9 Interesting Measures To Find A Reliable Web Hosting Provider [Infographic]

9 Interesting Measures To Find A Reliable Web Hosting Provider [Infographic]

By Asher Ross June 11, 2014

If you’re planning to host a website you need to first register a web domain for your site. But how will you find a reliable web hosting provider (a company that will store your files on its servers) to deploy …

Google Services for Websites Goes to Plesk Panel

Google has announced that it’s expanded its Services for Websites program in which hosting companies integrate Google services into their platforms, to include Parallels, a provider of control panel software for hosting companies. Parallels will integrate Google Services for Websites into the new version of its Plesk Panel, a platform Google says millions of site-owners use to manage their sites.

How Many Sites Are On the Internet?

If there is any accuracy to data released by Netcraft, then the Internet has about 182,226,259 sites.  That’s 948,000 more than a month ago.

Netcraft looks at the number of sites hosted on the different top servers. The following graph represents market share for top servers across all domains from August 1995 to October 2008:

Google Webserver Software Making Gains
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When looking at lists of market shares, one tends to find Google’s name near the top and the corresponding number always increasing.  Unfortunately for the company, that first trend doesn’t hold true in the case of webserver software, but the results of a new Netcraft survey confirm that some impressive rises are taking place.

The Planet Datacenter Offline After Fire

A transformer fire knocked a Houston datacenter offline, taking down thousands of customers with it.

Rackspace Seeks $400 Million In IPO

The public offering from the hosting company comes amid the unsettled US economy, but Rackspace believes a Google-like auction will pull in nine figures.

Network Solutions Shutters Controversial Film Site

A film made by Dutch politician Geert Wilders about the Koran had its website suspended over potential violations of Network Solutions policies.

DreamHost Begs For Forgiveness

The hosting company overbilled virtually all of its customers due to the self-described “fat-fingers” of Josh Jones.

SkyDrive Hosts Unwelcome Spamming Activity

Microsoft’s Windows Live SkyDrive service has become a hotbed of spam enabling, as criminals seek buyers for their pharmaceuticals.

Cute Animals, Not-Cute Criminals Wreck Connections

Last week was a weird one for Internet and power outages, with causes ranging from the ever-popular out of control truck, to random gunfire.

Rackspace Wrecked By Wayward Truck Driver

Plenty of popular websites suffered a couple of hours of unanticipated downtime when a truck hit a transformer and took down Rackspace’s Dallas datacenter.

Sponsored Content Hosting and Renting Subdomains
Ads becoming content is not only true from a thin affiliate site perspective, but also on larger more traditional ad buys. Selling content hosting is going mainstream.

Metacafe Hosting Digg Channel

Video sharing site Metacafe has launched a new dedicated Digg Channel.

F-Secure Tweaks Google Over Hosting Ads
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Bulletproof hosting usually refers to ISPs that give spammers a safe haven where other ISPs would likely shut down their activities.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Hosting Extremist Sites
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An assortment of Islamist/Jihadi websites have Western ISPs hosting them, with some of them hosted by the services of major Internet players.

The Pirate Bay Introduces New Image Hosting Site
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They’ve misattributed a quote and shown a disregard for law and order – but then, what did you expect of pirates?  The key thing is that a new, censorship-free image hosting site has launched, courtesy of the lads at The Pirate Bay.

Podcast Downloads Set New Record
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It wasn’t too long ago people were skeptical about the future of podcasting – it is, after all, easy to be a skeptic about a medium so new (rappers are still wondering when they’re supposed fad will pass). But Wizzard Media has 70 million reasons to disagree, just last month.

Podcast Downloads Set New Record
Podcast Downloads Set New Record
Podcast Downloads Set New Record