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Curse of Chucky Red Band Trailer Released

Just like most of their antagonists, horror franchises never die. It’s an unwritten rule of some sort. So, the fact that a movie titled Curse of Chucky is on the way should come as now surprise to movie-goers. Though the …

Silent Hill: Revelation Trailer Proves That Video Games Still Make Bad Movies
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To say I’m a huge Silent Hill fan would be an understatement. What Konami has done to the franchise since Silent Hill 3 has been absolutely awful with the only shining beacon of hope coming in the form of Shattered …

China Censors Horror Material
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China says it is banning all audio and video content that features horror related themes according to the General Administration of Press and Publications.

Specifically the banned content includes, "wronged spirits and violent ghost, monsters, demons, and other inhuman portrayals, strange and supernatural storytelling for the sole purpose of seeking terror and horror," the administration said.