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Hitler Isn’t Too Happy About the Google Reader Shutdown

Apparently, you’re not the only one who’s furious that Google has decided to shut down Google Reader on July 1st, as part of its spring cleaning program. Ah, yes, the classic Hitler reacts video. And oldie but a goodie. And as it turns out, an absolutely perfect way to channel the frustration over Google’s decision. Seriously, I never thought I …

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Gangnam Style Hitler Is the Viral Hit’s Logical Conclusion

South Korean viral megahit “Gangnam Style” has reached the pinnacle of YouTube stardom. Having garnered nearly 210 million views since its debut on July 15th, it’s officially the most-viewed K-pop video in history. The song has been remixed, sampled, covered, and parodied by almost everyone who remixes, samples, covers, and parodies on the internet. And it’s gone mainstream, with singer …

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Hitler Apparently Thinks Digg Got A Raw Deal

We brought you word yesterday that Betaworks had purchased Digg for a measly $500,000. We soon found that things from panda poop tea to random homes cost more than what Digg was acquired for. Of course, we soon learned that Digg was actually sold for $16 million to three buyers, but the original $500,000 offered plenty of laughs. This is …

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