Gangnam Style Hitler Is the Viral Hit's Logical Conclusion

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South Korean viral megahit "Gangnam Style" has reached the pinnacle of YouTube stardom. Having garnered nearly 210 million views since its debut on July 15th, it's officially the most-viewed K-pop video in history. The song has been remixed, sampled, covered, and parodied by almost everyone who remixes, samples, covers, and parodies on the internet. And it's gone mainstream, with singer PSY appearing on the likes of The Today Show.

The point is that "Gangnam Style" has already won the internets, therefore its logical conclusion must involve a definitive mashup with another all-time internet winner.

And oh look - here it is!

What do you get when you cross South Korean pop with clips from one of the most utilized videos online? You get Gangnam Style Hitler, of course.

Although incredibly well done and hilarious, it's totally ok if you want to be done with the internet for the day after watching this:

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