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Student Loan Forgiveness Options Need More Exposure

Obtaining a college degree is essentially a necessity in the United States today. If one wants a job that is not flipping burgers or waiting tables, then one must pursue some form of higher education – whether it be a four-year public college, a private liberal arts college, a trade school, or a certification program. Unfortunately, students in the US …

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Penn State Could Lose Accreditation Over Sandusky Scandal

Pennsylvania State University could be in danger of losing its accreditation in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education warned Penn State last week on August 8th that it does not believe the university is complying with some of its accreditation standards. According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, the …

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Adobe Holding Twitterview On CS6 And Creative Cloud

Twitterview is one of those unholy mashup of words that just shouldn’t exist. The idea behind it is noble and I like asking questions via Twitter just like anyone else, but why does it have to be called a Twitterview? Regardless of my years studying the AP stylebook like it was the Bible, Adobe is sticking to their use of …

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