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New Genital Herpes Vaccine Trial Begins
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With the HPV vaccine a success for preventing cervical cancer, doctors are now turning to the treatment of an even more common sexually transmitted infection – herpes. The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) this week announced that it is …

Study Confirms Humans Came From Africa Using… Herpes
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Scientists have debated, since such discussions were made permissible, the origins of the human species: did we come from Asia? Africa? Maybe even the Middle East? Until very recently, many of these theories had equal merit. However, a study of …

Florida Monkeys Threaten Residents With Herpes
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A large group of Rhesus monkeys from a small island near Silver River are now posing a health threat to Floridians, wildlife experts say. The monkeys–which were first brought to the area by tour guide Colonel Tooey in the 1930’s–have …