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You Can Totally Make A Boat Out Of Cardboard

Cardboard can be just about anything when you’re a kid. The possibilities are nearly limitless and all you need is a box and some imagination. Things aren’t as much fun when you’re a boring adult, but you can at least still have some fun with cardboard. The folks over at Hard Science are back again with another experiment that looks …

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You Can Break Glass With Your Voice And Here’s The Science Behind It

Black Canary is an interesting super hero. Not only is she super powerful thanks to years of physical training, but she also has a sonic scream that shatters objects. While no person possesses an ability on par with Black Canary’s voice, you can totally shatter glass with the right frequency. The folks at Hard Science are back with a new …

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You Can Make Your Own ‘Snow’ With Science

Are you one of the many people around the world who had to go another year without a white Christmas? Those of us in the weather dominator-controlled state of Kentucky know it all too well as it snows a lot before Christmas, but never on the day of. If you’re in a similar situation, it turns you can make your …

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You Can Walk On Liquid Thanks To The Power Of Science

One of the most famous miracles from the New Testament is when Jesus walks on water. While it’s technically impossible for a mortal man to replicate this, we can walk on liquid with the power of science. Up and coming YouTube star Hard Science proves that man can walk on liquid if it’s made of the right material. In this …

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