You Can Totally Make A Boat Out Of Cardboard


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Cardboard can be just about anything when you're a kid. The possibilities are nearly limitless and all you need is a box and some imagination. Things aren't as much fun when you're a boring adult, but you can at least still have some fun with cardboard.

The folks over at Hard Science are back again with another experiment that looks into the buoyancy of cardboard. Of course, some cardboard thrown onto the water is going to float, but can you take that cardboard and turn it into a boat for two?

As it turns out, you can make a boat out of about $20 worth of material. All you need is some large slabs of corrugated cardboard, some duct tape, a box cutter and some wood glue. You then shape a boat out of the cardboard, secure the pieces together with wood glue and use duct tape to keep the bottom of the boat from taking in water. From there, you have a fully functional boat fit for two people.

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Image via Hard Science/YouTube