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Guild Wars 2 For Mac Announced & Released

By all the current evidence, Guild Wars 2 seems to have had a successful MMO launch. Just last week, ArenaNet re-released the game for online purchase. This is after halting sales on the title to make sure the overwhelming rush of new players didn’t bring their game crashing to a halt. Today, ArenaNet is releasing Guild Wars 2 to a …

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Guild Wars 2 Sales Resume, New Trailer Released

Almost two weeks ago, ArenaNet suspended sales of Guild Wars 2 after its servers were inundated by an overwhelming flood of new players. Needless to say, the game has been a resounding success so far. However, fantastic, overcrowded game launches are something of a trope in the MMO world these days, and a game must work hard to keep the …

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Guild Wars 2 Finally Gets A Release Date

The guys at Arenanet have been pretty forthcoming about all of the features and details we can expect from Guild Wars 2. Through a series of successful beta weekends and constant developer diaries, players have come to know the ins and outs of Guild Wars 2. There has been one question constantly nagging us though – when will the damn …

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