Harlem Shake at Nintendo Features Luigi, Lots of Green

Harlem Shake at Nintendo Features Luigi, Lots of Green

By Sean Patterson February 18, 2013

Over the past few weeks it has become almost mandatory that every office with a video camera create a Harlem Shake video. It’s a trend that has hit Groupon, The Daily Show, and even Google and Facebook have gotten in …

Google Invests Over $850 Million in Clean Energy Google Invests Over $850 Million in Clean Energy
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Google announced today that it is investing $75 million in a fund with Clean Power Finance to help up to 3,000 homeowners go solar, bringing the company’s total investment in clean energy to $850 million. “As we said when we …

Google Talks About How Green It Is Google Talks About How Green It Is

Google posted to the official Google Blog today about many of its efforts in “greening” its office buildings. Anythony Ravitz, the Green Team Lead for Google’s Real Estate & Workplace services unit writes: Since I arrived at Google in 2006, …

Facebook Makes Green Push

The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) said today that Facebook has joined the Digital Energy Solutions Campaign (DESC)  in an effort to develop energy efficient computing systems.

"Our ongoing philosophy has been to improve the efficiency of our infrastructure and we continue to invest tremendous resources to improve our own operations,” said Jonathan Heiliger, Vice President of Technical Operations at Facebook.

eBay Says Buying Used Is Being Green

eBay announced today the launch of the eBay Green Team Challenge, a program aimed at turning green shopping into a tangible environmental impact.

Under the program, the first 250,000 people to pledge to reuse on eBay, the company will protect an acre of rainforest in their name through a new collaboration with Team Earth, a coalition of non-governmental organizations, private sector companies and individuals convened by Conservation International.

Survey: 62% Prefer iPods to the Environment

The Shelton Group has released some interesting survey results showing that the majority of Americans would like to "go green," but not at the expense of their own convenience. It’s not that the results are particularly surprising, but they are interesting in that they are broken down into what percentage of participants would be willing to give up what devices if they could help the environment.

How Much Energy is Consumed by a Google Search?

Times Online ran an article citing several studies about Internet use and the consumption of energy. Information used for this report suggested that Google searches are responsible for a large amount of CO2 emissions.  The article reads:

Making Your Internet Business Eco-Friendly
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The growth of the Internet world as a means for producing revenue and gainful employment has provided those in it a unique opportunity. Rare is it to find an industry where one can produce little in the way of non-recycleable garbage and can easily and painlessly offset the negative impact they have on the world. Can those involved with the oil industry claim to be eco-friendly?

Google: You’re Not Saving the Rain Forests That Way!
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ForestleForestle is a search engine built on Google Custom Search, with the goal of saving the Rain Forests. That seems like a noble enough cause.

Their methods of going about this, however, have gotten the site’s search functionality revoked by Google. When you try to perform a search on Forestle, you get a big pink box with a message from the Forestle team. The message goes:

Going Green With Your Website


Reading about CO2Stats (via TechCrunch), a company who says it monitors your website’s environmental footprint and purchases renewable energy to neutralize it:


Green Monday Dreamed Up By eBay

Now that we are stuck with Cyber Monday as a designation for the first Monday after Thanksgiving, eBay has promoted the second Monday of December as Green Monday.

Yahoo Autos Study Uncovers Interest In AFVs
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Record increases in gasoline prices seem to have had an effect; according to a new Yahoo Autos study, 69 percent of American consumers are interested in purchasing an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV).

Nokia Getting Greener

Nokia is a Global leader in their market, no questioning that. So, perhaps their move to make "greener" more environmentally sound decisions in their business processes will spread to others… indeed they are a good role model for action.

Google Less Accountable Than Interpol?

In a superficial way, here’s one for the conspiracy theorists and pissed-off privacy advocates: One World Trust placed Google below Interpol – and indeed, at the very bottom of a list – in terms of accountability.

Google Looks To Green Energy Sources

Google is exploring the use of a variety of forms of renewable energy in an effort to reach its goal of creating 50 megawatts of renewable generating capacity for its operations by 2012.

Google Makes Models Of “Green” Structures

The 85 buildings come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, but environmentally speaking, they’re all “green.”  They’re also all well-liked by Google, which has made models of them in Google 3D Warehouse.

Google Gets Green PCs Into Government

You may associate Google with California, or perhaps with New York or Boston, where the company has important offices.  But it’s with the governors of Minnesota and Kansas that the search giant has reached a new deal.