Harlem Shake at Nintendo Features Luigi, Lots of Green


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Over the past few weeks it has become almost mandatory that every office with a video camera create a Harlem Shake video. It's a trend that has hit Groupon, The Daily Show, and even Google and Facebook have gotten in on the silly action.

Quite frankly, it's beginning to get out of hand. The trend might have his its peak this weekend, though, as Nintendo of America finally released its Harlem Shake video.

Now, you might expect Nintendo to lead with Mario, since that character is one of the most recognizable in the world. However, during the company's Nintendo Direct last week it was declared that 2013 will be the "Year of Luigi," with titles such as Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon coming later this year.

So, Nintendo instead used Luigi and lots of green in their Harlem Shake video. Be on the lookout for Yoshi and Link plushies, but make sure you also spot the bearded guy in the back. His dead-arm flailing is really the highlight of the video.