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Sony Unveils Box Art For Gran Turismo 6

With the gaming industry about to be turned on it’s ear as the “next-gen consoles” get ready to launch–it won’t be long–news about one of the most popular PlayStation games ever created coming out for the PS3 may be a little surprising. Of course, when Gran Turismo is involved, it’s newsworthy. The fact that the game won’t be available for …

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Sony To Try Its Luck With Two Racing Games On Two Different Consoles This Year

It’s pretty common to see a new generation of consoles launch with a racing game. The Xbox One has Forza Motorsport 5 and both next-gen consoles will be getting Need for Speed Rivals and The Crew. Sony is going to try a little something new this year, however, by launching the PS4 with a racing game while launching an entirely …

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‘Gran Turismo’ Action Movie Being Developed

As Fast & Furious 6 demonstrated earlier this year, a well-marketed car movie can mean box office success. Now, other movie studios are predictably jumping on the bandwagon, trying to develop their own car-movie franchises. Sony, in particular, is looking to leverage its largest racing video game brand to get a car movie franchise moving. According to a report from …

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Gran Turismo 6 Demo Out Today, Includes GT Academy Qualifier

Racing sim fans are set to have a big holiday, with both Microsoft and Sony having racing games as part of their next-gen console launch title line-ups. For those that aren’t ready to plunge into the next generation, Polyphony Digital will be releasing Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3 later this year. It seems the release for the next …

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Grand Turismo 6 Pre-Order Exclusives Announced

With a game being an exclusive to one console, gamers might think they would be spared the indignity of pre-release exclusive content offers. They would be wrong, as retailers are still fighting hard to get theirs. Until (and if) the all-digital distribution future Microsoft was envisioning arrives, gamers will be stuck picking and choosing their preferred pre-order content. First off, …

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