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Baby Gorilla Reunited with Mother Following Veterinary Care

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! An adorable baby gorilla at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was physically introduced to her mother Monday following medical treatment. The 12-day-old baby was born to her mother Imani on March 12 via emergency cesarean section. Zoo staff immediately noticed, however, that the baby was having respiratory issues and needed to be admitted for 24-hour veterinary care. Associate …

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Bruno Mars Gets ‘Unorthodox’ in New ‘Gorilla’ Video

It’s Bruno Mars like you’ve never seen him before! Of course, everyone is familiar with the mellow pop sounds of the Grammy award-winning balladeer. But, this time, he’s back with his sexually-charged exotic record, “Gorilla,” and the video leaves little to nothing to the imagination. One word can sum up the video – hot! The record was a collaborative work …

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Media Falsely Reports Gorilla for Being Sexist

Meet Patrick, a 23-year-old single male Texan residing in Dallas, who is also a 430-pound Western lowland gorilla that was recently mistaken for hating women (gorilla women in particular). You see, a lot of media reports (MailOnline, E!, Fox News, ABC) picked up on the sensationalism that Patrick was a sexist ape, when really, he just prefers to be alone, …

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Misundertood Gorilla Being Booted From Dallas Zoo

Patrick, a 23-year-old Western lowland gorilla, is being kicked out of the Dallas Zoo for anti-social behavior. The 430-pound silverback bachelor, known for his geniality while among visitors and zoo staff, has shown little interest in forming any meaningful bonds with his gorilla contemporaries, during his 18-year stint in Dallas. According to a statement issued by Dallas Zoo staff, Patrick …

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Gorilla Taunting Leads To Animal’s Retaliation

A gorilla at the Dallas Zoo recently got some revenge on a group of nasty kids who were taunting him and calling him ugly. With an annoyed facial expression so close to that of a human who’s been bullied too many times, the gorilla patiently waited for the right moment and then jumped against the glass, scaring the kids and …

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Albino Gorilla The Result Of Uncle, Niece Mating

An albino gorilla who lived for 40 years at a Barcelona zoo is the subject of a new study that traced his origins, and the results are surprising. Snowflake was famous up until his death in 2003 from skin cancer because of his extraordinary coloring; after being born in the wild, he was captured by Equatorial Guinea villagers and was …

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