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Google Voice Now Open to Everyone

Google has finally opened Google Voice up to the public, and no longer requires users to have an invitation to use it. There are already over a million people using it, the company says, and that number is about to increase dramatically.

Google Voice Challenged By Patent Suit
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Frontier Communications, a communications provider with a market cap of around $2.4 billion, is not happy with Google.  In fact, Frontier is dissatisfied to the point that it sued the search giant this morning, claiming that Google Voice infringes on a patent it holds.

This isn’t a question of whether or not some minor feature bears a faint similarity to a concept Frontier dreamed up.  Frontier is instead going after one of Google Voice’s biggest draws, and the patent it’s put forward isn’t nearly as vague and all-encompassing as some we’ve seen.

Google Voice, Gmail VoIP Rumors Spark Interest
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There is a rumor going around the blogosphere that Google may be working on a VoIP service utilizing Google Voice integration with Gmail. A spokesperson for Google tells WebPronews, "We’re always testing new features and looking for ways to improve our products. We have nothing to announce at this time."

Google Set To Make Big VoIP/Videoconferencing Buy
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A company that specializes in VoIP and videoconferencing technology should soon become a part of Google.  The search giant announced this morning that it is making an offer to buy Global IP Solutions for $68.2 million in cash.

Global IP Solutions is a rather big deal in its niche.  Headquartered in San Francisco, it has offices in Boston, Hong Kong, and Stockholm, and its customers include internationally recognized corporations like AOL, Baidu, Brasil Telecom, Mail.ru, Samsung, and Yahoo.

Google Invites Students To Use Voice Service
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Approach enough college students, and you’ll find that many of them make do without all sorts of things – cars, textbooks, food other than ramen noodles.  Just about all students seem to carry cell phones, though, and Google’s decided to capitalize on this by inviting them to use Google Voice today.

Google Voice Edges Closer To Skype Territory

The company that dominates the online search and advertising sector – and dabbles in photo-sharing, solar energy, and all other sorts of stuff – may soon improve its audio communication offering in a major way.  Google has reportedly taken a significant step towards making Google Voice more of a Skype competitor.

Google Voice Simplifies SMS to Multiple Recipients

Google has taken steps to make sending text messages to multiple recipients a little bit easier with Google Voice. In the past, users had to copy and paste the message for each person on the list.

Google is now letting users send the message to multiple people at once. Users now just need to click on the SMS button at the top of their Google Voice inbox, enter the names/numbers in the "To" field, separated by commas, and write the message.

Google Voice Makes Way to iPhone, Palm WebOS

Google is launching the Google Voice app for both the iPhone and Palm WebOS. It is an HTML5 app, which the company says provides users with a "fast and versatile" mobile experience, because of its use of the latest advancements in web technologies.

Google Asks For Help With Transcriptions
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Although spell checkers have been around for about 30 years, they still miss or incorrectly flag a whole lot of stuff (try "eye wonder weather this is write" and "monetize").  Google wants its transcription software to become better more quickly, and so is asking for users for a hand.

Google Voice Gets New Free VoIP Service
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Earlier this week, reports surfaced indicating that Google had bought Gizmo5, a VoIP firm. The news came just on the heels of Google’s AdMob acquisition. Google has now officially announced that it has indeed acquired Gizmo5.

Report Indicates Google Bought Gizmo5
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Not long ago, Eric Schmidt estimated that Google would start making monthly acquisitions.  Today, it’s almost looking like the dial got bumped up to hourly, since following this morning’s confirmed acquisition of AdMob, a report has indicated that Google’s bought Gizmo5, too.

You Don’t Need a Google Number to Use Google Voice
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Google has announced that Google Voice users can now use existing mobile phone numbers. This means that even if you don’t get a new Google number, you can still get Google Voicemail.

AT&T Goes On The Offensive Against Google Voice

After getting the Google Voice App blocked on the iPhone and the FCC to scrutinize Google Voice, you’d think AT&T could sit back and rest assured. But not so.

“Invite A Friend” Links Coming To Google Voice
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It looks like a certain search giant is ready to let some more people get their hands (or, um, mouths and ears) on Google Voice.  Google announced today that users will soon have the chance to invite their friends and family members (or cash-equipped individuals) to the service.

Apple May Have Some Explaining to Do Over Google Voice
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There was a lot of hoopla made regarding Apple’s banning of Google Voice from its App Store. Fingers were pointed, names were (probably) called. Today Google announced that the FCC has made its letter (pdf) available to the public. The letter reveals what Google claims to be the explanation it got from Apple about why it would not accept its Google Voice app (as well as Google Latitude).

Play Google Voice Messages Right in Gmail
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Google has launched a new feature in Gmail labs that allows you to play Google Voice voicemails right from Gmail. Before, when Google Voice users received email notifications from Google Voice, they had to click a link in the message to open a new page.

Google Voice Merges Text Messages, Email
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Google Voice, with its "one number for all your calls and SMS" tagline and almost endless list of benefits, aims to make users’ lives easier.  A new feature introduced today represents another step in that direction.

Suppose you’re sitting at a desk with a full-sized keyboard at your fingertips and a 20" monitor in front of your eyes.  Most services would still ask you to fish out your little cell phone in order to read and reply to a text message.  In the past, even Google Voice would require you to keep open an extra, dedicated tab.

AT&T Fingered In Google Voice/App Store Fiasco
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The accusations are still flying when it comes to Google Voice getting banned from the iPhone App Store.  Andy Kessler, a former hedge fund manager, has even gone so far as to say that AT&T "killed" the service.

Servicemembers Offered Special Access To Google Voice
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Because of how they serve our country, members of the military are often given special treatment – drinks on the house, free upgrades to first class, etc.  And now, Google’s doing its part by bumping them to the front of the line for Google Voice.

Google Voice Completely Banned From Apple’s App Store
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UPDATE: There is a Twitition floating around asking "Apple to unblock Google Voice App".

If you wish to sign it, go here.

Blackberry and Android Get Google Voice Mobile App
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Google Voice just became much easier to use for Blackberry and Android owners as a new mobile app has been released.

Will you be downloading the new Google Voice app for Blackberry or Android. Tell us.