Google Search Appliance Gets Big Update With Version 7.2

Google Search Appliance Gets Big Update With Version 7.2

By Chris Crum February 12, 2014

Google has launched a major update to the Google Search Appliance with version 7.2, aimed at making it easier for employees and customers to find documents and easier for businesses to organize data. The new version comes with improvements to …

Google Search Appliance Gets New Algorithm
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Google has introduced some new features for the Google Search Appliance (GSA). There are about ten of them, but the one the company is really touting is one that allows the GSA to learn the habits of searchers and use that information to fine-tune its information retrieval process to increase relevancy.

Google Launches New Enterprise Search Features
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Today Google announced two new tools for Enterprise Search – Side-By-Side search comparison and new connectors for the Google Search Appliance. Both of these features are available in Google Enterprise Labs.

Side-By-Side Search Comparison

Google Sends Partners to Search Appliance Customers

Google is giving new Enterprise Search Appliance customers an "ROI JumpStart". What this means is they’re sending people to help you deploy it for two days. These people come from "select Google enterprise partners."

New customers who license a GSA covering one million documents or more by September 30 are eligible.

Google Search Appliance Tuned To Deal With Billions Of Docs
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The Google Search Appliance – AKA those spotted, yellow boxes that act as an enterprise search solution – has gotten better.  Today, Google unveiled version 6.0, and this new offering is able to scale up and deal with billions of documents.

Google Enterprise Gets First UK Distribution Partner

If everything goes according to Google’s plan, Google Enterprise is about to become a lot more popular outside the U.S.  Specialist Computer Holdings has, you see, been picked as its first U.K. distribution partner.

Google Upgrades Search Appliance

The odd-looking yellow boxes that bear a certain search giant’s name are about to get a lot more useful, with an improved capacity being the biggest selling point of the new Google Search Appliance.

Ingram Micro To Distribute (More) Google Tech

Google and Ingram Micro aren’t strangers; that second company already distributes the Google Mini and Google Search Appliance in North America, Asia, and Latin America.  And starting today, Ingram Micro will be doing the same thing in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Google Hardware To Go Through Ingram Micro

If you want to get the Google Mini or Google Search Appliance, talk to Ingram Micro – even as sales surpass 9,000 units, the company has been selected to distribute Google’s hardware.

Google Gets Dell To Manufacture Search Appliance

With its market capitalization of over $160 billion, Google can probably do just about anything.  The search engine giant has chosen not to focus on manufacturing the Google Search Appliance, however – and instead handed over those duties to Dell.