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Google’s Spring Cleaning Shutters More Than Just Google Reader Google’s Spring Cleaning Shutters More Than Just Google Reader
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Google is continuing its habit of announcing product closures in bulk with another round of “spring cleaning.” The first “spring cleaning” actually happened in the Fall of 2011, when Google axed things that you probably don’t even remember at this …

Google Reader Is Shutting Down July 1st Google Reader Is Shutting Down July 1st
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One of the most popular feed readers around is shutting down this year – due to declining usage. Google Reader, the platform Google first launched in 2005, is simply one of the many Google services on the chopping block this …

Google Reader Not Working For A Bunch Of People Google Reader Not Working For A Bunch Of People

I couldn’t help but notice that Google Reader has been acting very weird, but now I know it’s not just me, as numerous people have been complaining about it, and several publications are now reporting on the issue. There’s a …

Google Adds Reader, Latitude To Google Takeout Google Adds Reader, Latitude To Google Takeout

Google announced today that it has added a couple more products to the Google Takeout menu: Latitude and Reader. “We’re always working to improve our tools and make it easier for users to control and access their data,” K├íri Ragnarsson …

ESPN Either Sucks At RSS Or Is Really Committed To LeBron
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As you might expect, for the past few hours, ESPN has been completely committed to LeBron James and the Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship. Move over, Euro 2012, this is King James’ house. I get that. What I don’t …

Google Reader Slow Down Due To Plus One Button? Google Reader Slow Down Due To Plus One Button?
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To many, the Google Reader is a quintessential component of web browsing. The ability to organize all of the sites that interest you, thanks to the power of RSS, is awfully appealing. The usability helps explain the backlash when Google …

Former Google Reader Developer Wants to Roll It Back Former Google Reader Developer Wants to Roll It Back
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The reaction to the “Plus-ification” of Google Reader has been heard loud and clear, at least in regards to people not being incredibly happy with the new look. While the fallout may have been disapproving, it hasn’t caused much if …

Google Reader Redesign Upsets A Lot Of People Google Reader Redesign Upsets A Lot Of People
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Google announced a couple weeks ago that it would be Google+ifying Google Reader, and now it has officially happened. The product has received a big redesign. What do you think of the Google Reader redesign? Let us know in the …

Google Reader About To Get Google+ified Google Reader About To Get Google+ified

Google announced today that Google Reader is about to get some changes, including a new design. It will also bring Google Reader closer together with Google+, the company says. Sounds about right. “As a result of these changes, we also …

Google Finally Releases Google Reader Android App
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Google has finally released an Android app for Google Reader, and as the company acknowledges itself, "It’s been a long time coming." I couldn’t agree more as a user. I already use a bookmark for Google Reader probably more than any app on my phone, so having an actual app for it should be pretty nice. 

Bloglines Dead, But Google Reader Still Growing
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You may have read that Bloglines is being shutdown, but that doesn’t exactly mean RSS readers are dead. Google Reader, for one, is still growing strong.

Google posted a couple of graphs today showing how use continues to grow from year to year. 

Google Launches New Features for Google Reader
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Google announced some changes it has been making to Google Reader over the past month. These include support for HTML5 HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags. This is helpful for sharing content with friends using mobile devices.

Another new feature is the "not interested" option for Google Reader’s recommended items. This lets you hide these items and let Google get a better idea of the kinds of things you aren’t into so it can make the recommendations better going forward.

Looking at Different Functionalities of Google Buzz

This day will go down in history as the day of Google Buzz. After Google’s press event (which we live-blogged and discussed here) Google put up several posts explaining more about the "buzzworthy" new product.

New Google Reader Feature Can Create a Feed for Any Site
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Google has launched a new feature for Google Reader that lets users create a custom feed to track changes on pages that don’t have their own feed. In other words, you can follow changes to any site.

Google Reader’s Mobile Interface Upgraded
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Google’s announcements relating to mobile didn’t end with the launch of the Nexus One yesterday.  Google Reader received some updates that are intended to work within the world of cell phones (along with one Web interface upgrade), too.

The list of changes is fairly long, and all together, they do a good job of bringing the mobile version of Google Reader in line with the Web edition.  For starters: Google added support for "liking," tagging, and sorting feeds according to items’ ages.

Google Makes Google Reader More Personal

Update: Google has also now added favicons to feeds in Google Reader.

Google Reader Gets Much Needed Social Features

Google has added a number of new features to Google Reader. The biggest one, which is long overdue, is the ability to share content on other social networks. This seems like it should have been available for ages, but it has been MIA until now.

How Google Reader Sharing Contributes to Real Time Search

Google has announced that Google Reader has begun adoption of the PubSubHubbub protocol for shared items. This is a simple, open, server-to-server web-hook based pubsub (publish/subscribe) protocol, as defined on this Google Code page.

Here’s a visual overview of what that means:

Google to Handle NewsGator RSS Products
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Google Reader is becoming the online companion to and synchronization platform for NewsGator’s RSS readers including FeedDemon and NetNewsWire. Users have until August 31 to migrate to Google Reader, when NewsGator will shut down NewsGator Online.

Use Google Reader from Your Desktop
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This week, Google launched a Google Reader gadget for Google Desktop. The gadget allows users to track their feeds and Google Readers subscriptions directly from their desktop.

To use the gadget, you (of course) have to have Google Desktop installed. Then to use it just:

Google Reader Continues to Get More Social
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Google has been adding social elements to Google Reader lately. A while back, they added the commenting feature. Just this week, they introduced Friends Trends and improved the comments feature (among other updates).