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Google and Samsung to Share Patents

The years-long legal fight between Apple and Samsung is continuing to rage in courts around the world. Other high-profile patent lawsuits have come and gone in recent years, creating an uneasy climate in which tech companies are now engaging in an expensive patent-gathering cold war. This situation has led to surprising developments in recent years, including massive patent cross-licensing agreements …

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Google Patents Adds Patents From More Countries

Google announced today that it has expanded Google Patents to include documents from agencies in China, Germany, Canada and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Obviously, this greatly increases the coverage breadth of Google’s patent search engine. “Many of these documents may provide prior art for future patent applications, and we hope their increased discoverability will improve the quality of …

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Google Launches Big Improvements To Patent Search

Google announced today that it has added European patents to go along with its U.S. patents in its patent search tool. In addition to adding millions of patents, Google has added a feature called the Prior Art Finder. “Typically, patents are granted only if an invention is new and not obvious,” explains engineering manager Jon Orwant. “To explain why an …

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Google Patents Glass-Type Glasses and Helmets

Bill Slawski at SEO by the Sea found three Google patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database that could feature heavily in designs for the new Google Glass project. The patents were acquired from Indy race car driver Dominic Dobson and his company, Motion Research Technologies, Inc, on March 30th. That date was only days before the announcement …

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