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Google and SAP Partner on Geo-Mapping

Google and SAP announced a partnership today at the AlwaysOn Summit. This will allow customers to pair SAP enterprise analytics with Google Maps and Google Earth in what the companies call an “industry-first collaboration to help customers tackle ‘big data’ with an augmented reality approach.” “Using location-based intelligence, customers can slice-and-dice large volumes of information against Google Maps/Earth to get …

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Google Earth Lets You Tour The Ocean Floor

Okay, “armchair explorers,” are you ready to tour the biggest swath of the ocean floor ever mapped? Well now you can thanks to Google Earth and Columbia University. Based on data collected over 20 years from Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Google Earth allows you to explore half the area of the ocean floor that has ever been mapped. That’s roughly …

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Google Earth Lets Users Browse Photos in New Way

Google has launched a new photo browsing experience in Google Earth, which includes a new photo cluster feature. This is designed to make the browsing process quicker and easier. When you’re looking at a location on Google Earth, you’ll see photo icons scattered around (as pictured above). There are larger ones that show when there is a cluster to browse. …

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Google Earth Builder Launched For Businesses

Google has launched Google Earth Builder, a tool to enable businesses to use Google’s cloud to manage geospatial data, create custom map layers, and share Google Earth/Maps layers. Organizations can scale services for traffic spikes, reduce server costs, and control source data and attribution, according to the company. “Whether you have terabytes of imagery or just a few basemap layers, …

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Google Earth Engine Puts Tons of New Satellite Data Online

Today Google launched something called Google Earth Engine at the International Climate Change Conference in Cancun. Google describes it as a new technology platform that puts an "unprecedented amount of satellite imagery" and data online for the first time. 

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Google Launches a New Site for Google Earth

Google has launched a new Google Earth site featuring images, videos, tous, maps, and tutorials. 

"When you think of Google Earth, you might think about flying to the top of Mt. Everest, surveying the ancient Acropolis, or simply finding the house where you grew up," says Product Marketing Manager Tasha Danko.

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Google Earth For Android Goes Underwater

Google Earth fans who own smartphones and tend to spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, sitting in dentists’ offices, and bored during commercials can now explore a part of the planet that was previously unavailable for sightseeing.  The latest Google Earth for Android update adds underwater terrain.

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Google Earth Starts To Depict Rain, Snow

Google Earth is meant to give its users a realistic view of the world, and the program by and large accomplishes that.  A new upgrade will make it even more accurate, though, by showing users whether or not they’d be getting wet if they were to visit certain parts of the globe.

Yes, Google Earth 5.2 is now supposed to account for both rain and snow – everything "from light drizzle and snow to hurricanes and blizzards," in fact – at least in some regions of North America and Europe. 

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Google Earth Becomes Available For iPad

iPad owners who are looking for a surefire way to draw more attention to their big, shiny screens should proceed straight to the iTunes store and download Google’s latest offering.  The company’s made Google Earth, which has been a popular sort of eye candy for years, available for the iPad.

This represents a quick turnaround on Google’s part, considering that Google Earth 5.2 was just launched yesterday.  The search giant didn’t cut any corners, though, as Peter Birch, a product manager, was sure to explain.

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Google Maps Tool Compares Gulf Oil Spill to Size of Your City

Google Maps Engineering Manager Paul Rademacher recently launched a page that shows how big the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in comparison to different metropolitan areas. For example, you can see how the size of it compares to New York City, by seeing an overlay overtop of the city.

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Google Earth Sandwiched Into Google Maps

Ready or not, another integration of Google’s products has occurred.  Now, when Google Maps users go looking for a terrain view, they won’t find it (easily — see correction); instead, a new option that essentially functions as a link to Google Earth is at the ready.

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Google Earth Comes to Android

Google has launched Google Earth for Android, which is currently only available for the Nexus One (which runs Android 2.1). Google calls it the fastest mobile version of Google Earth yet.

Along with the release, comes the Roads layer, which has been popular on the desktop version of Google Earth. The layer is meant to give users a better sense of where they are, with road labels drawn on top of satellite imagery.

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