Google Earth Tour Highlights National Park

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In a guest post over at the Google Lat Long Blog today, Ben Fash of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy announced how the group used the Google Earth Outreach Developer Grant it received late last year. The Parks Conservancy, which is a nonprofit that supports San Francisco area national parks, created a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) presentation highlighting the restoration of Crissy Field - a large National Park adjacent to the Golden Gate Bridge. KML files can be used with Google Earth to view annotations and other media along with satellite data. From the blog post:

The Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary celebration recently culminated in a waterfront festival, and hundreds of thousands of people joined hands on Crissy Field -- a beautiful 100-acre national park site at the foot of the bridge. As we celebrated the bridge with the community on Crissy Field, we also celebrated 11 years of the restoration of the cultural and natural resources at this site.

The presentation, titled "The Transformation of Crissy Field," is an interactive Google Earth tour of Crissy Field and the many changes it has endured since before the arrival of Europeans. In its previous incarnations, the site was the location of a Grand Prix race track, an army airfield, and a dumping ground for chemical waste. The tour uses photos, maps, drawings, and, of course, satellite imagery, to create an informative Google Earth presentation on how Crissy Field was restored to its current pristine status.

The KML presentation is only viewable if you have Google Earth already downloaded. Luckily, the Parks Concervancy has provided a fully-narrated YouTube video of the presentation. You can watch the video below or download the Google Earth presentation.

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