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Google Is Shutting Down The Google Earth API
Google announced that it will stop offering its Google Earth API a year from now. The company says it’s going away for security reasons, and in ...
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Google Starts Selling Google Earth Imagery To Businesses
Google announced the launch of Google Maps for Business imagery, which enables businesses to buy and use Google Earth imagery for the first time. Thro...
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Google Earth Images Reveal Possible Overfishing
Researchers this week revealed that they may have found overfishing using images from Google Earth. The study, published in the ICES Journal of Marine...
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Google Launches/Updates 3D Imagery For 50 Cities In Google Maps, Earth
Google announced that it has either launched or updated 3D imagery for 50 cities in Google Maps and Google Earth. “if you’re using the new...
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Street View Hits Google Earth Apps For Android, iOS
Google announced a new Google Earth update today (7.1) for Android and iOS, which brings Street View to the experience. Somehow this wasn’t alre...
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Google Launches New ‘Cloud-Free’ Satellite Imagery For Maps, Earth
Google announced that it’s launching new satellite imagery for Google Maps and Google Earth, and says it’s “virtually cloud-freeR...
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The New Google Maps Is Real, And Here Are All The Cool New Things It Does
It has been officially announced. Last week, a couple screen caps of an apparently upcoming Google Maps redesign leaked. While the authenticity of the...
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Learn How NASA Uses Google Earth For Space Missions
Google has shown that it has an interest in space what with its founders funding space missions, and the company sending Bugdroid to space. Beyond tha...
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Google Launches Big Google Earth Update
Google launched a major update to Google Earth this week for the desktop, iOS and Android. The update includes the addition over over 100,000 new tour...
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Google Adds A Ton More High-Res Imagery To Maps And Earth
Google announced another big Google Maps and Google Earth update, with the addition of more high resolution, satellite and 45° imagery. The aerial an...
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Google Earth 7 Gets Tour Guide, New 3D Imagery
Google announced the launch of Google Earth 7, which brings the 3D imagery and tour guide features previously launched in Google Earth for Mobile to t...
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5 Cool Ways Developers Have Used Google Maps And Google Earth APIs
On its Geo Developers Blog, Google will highlight a “map of the week” each week, looking at different, interesting ways developers have us...
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Google Maps And Earth Get New High-Res Imagery Updates
Google announced its latest imagery update for Google Maps and Google Earth today. “Our quest to create the most comprehensive and accurate map ...
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Google Maps Gets A Ton Of New High-Res Imagery
Google announced that it has added a whole bunch of new aerial and satellite imagery to Google Maps and Google Earth, and new 45 degree imagery in Goo...
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Google Earth Scout Thinks She’s Found Lost Egyptian Pyramids
People uncover weird stuff all the time using Google Earth satellite imagery – alien structures, crop circles, the lost city of Atlantis, and st...
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Google Releases Marvelous 3D Imagery For More Cities
Google has expanded its coverage of 3D Google Earth imagery to include Denver and Seattle. Google announced the imagery, to make its maps more appeali...
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Google Maps Gets Beautiful New High-Resolution Imagery
Google announced some new updates for Google Earth and Google Maps, including a new catalog of high-resolution and satellite imagery, as well as 45° ...
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Google’s 3D Maps Imagery Hits iOS Before Apple’s
In early June, Google announced that it would be releasing a fully explorable, 3D version of Google Earth. Today, Google announced that the imagery is...
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Google Shows You A Gallery Of Timelapse Videos Of The Earth’s Surface From Space
Google has teamed up with the USGS and Carnegie Mellon University to make available timelapse videos of the Earth’s surface from the Landsat sat...
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See How Google Maps Keeps the World from Being Crappier
The over-brains behind Google Maps regularly get together with non-profit organizations to make maps that help those groups further their mission and ...
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