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New Google Publisher Toolbar Allows You to Block Ads New Google Publisher Toolbar Allows You to Block Ads
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At the beginning of the year, Google introduced the AdSense Publisher Toolbar to help us monitor account performance. Recently, they changed the name to the Google Publisher Toolbar. On top of now being able to support DoubleClick for Publishers, they …

Google Makes Some Refinements to AdSense Reporting Google Makes Some Refinements to AdSense Reporting

Google has made some well-needed upgrades to their AdSense reporting feature that a lot of users have been asking for for awhile. Number one, they have brought back the “all time” button for your reports. If you have used the …

Google Introduces Affiliate Ads for Blogger Google Introduces Affiliate Ads for Blogger
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Google has introduced a new way for bloggers to monetize their content, by launching Affiliate Ads for Blogger. Bloggers who seek to monetize will first need a Google AdSense account. After posting a new blog, a new ‘Advertise Products’ tab …

Google In Lawsuit Over ‘Google AdSense for domains’

Google pays domain parkers by allowing them to run a special AdSense program. Titled “Google AdSense for domains”, this program now reportedly triggered a class-action lawsuit which alleges “that Google committed fraud, business code violations, and unjust enrichment by selling ads that were unlikely to generate conversions”.

Why Google Might Have Changed AdSense Referral Terms

Lots of talk today about Google changing the terms of their referral units for Google Adsense. Good coverage by both Darren and Jeremy.Google Adsense Referral Hydra

Lets take a little look at why they might have done this.

AdSense Losing “Advertise on this Site”
Google will drop the "Advertise on this site" link feature displayed next to AdSense ads. With the help of this link, AdWords advertisers were able to directly target a specific site.

Google, CNN In Ad Deal

CNN.com and Google have entered into an agreement where Google will provide its AdSense advertising program to CNN.com. Financial details were not released.

Google, Washington Post Renew Ad Deal
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Washington.Newsweek Interactive and Google announced today that they have renewed their agreement to deliver contextual ads and Google Web Search functionality to washingtonpost.com’s Web pages.

Affiliate Summit: Contextual Advertising Options
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Pick something – a Web browser, toothpaste, whatever – that you’ve set against comparable products.  Maybe you gave those alternatives a fair chance, and came back to Product #1 in the end, anyway.  As Joel Comm weighed various contextual advertising options at Affiliate Summit 2007 East, it seemed like that same sort of circular journey was taking place, but you won’t hear me complain; it’s always nice to have extra choices.

Google Maps To Add AdSense

Let’s see . . .  Google Maps tells me to take a left, and then hang a right at an ad reading, “Click Here Now to Save $$$.”  Wait, that can’t be right . . .   And it won’t be, but Google has revealed that it will incorporate AdSense into its mapping services.

Time Warner Cable Thinking TV Ad Auction

Once Time Warner spins off its Cable division, the cable company may offer advertising spots placed within on-demand programming through an auction process.