Google Introduces Affiliate Ads for Blogger


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Google has introduced a new way for bloggers to monetize their content, by launching Affiliate Ads for Blogger.

Bloggers who seek to monetize will first need a Google AdSense account. After posting a new blog, a new 'Advertise Products' tab will pop up in the 'post settings' panel. Users who blog about a product made by an affiliate advertiser will be automatically assisted by the Google Affiliate Ads gadget to help display the correct ad on the blog - this system is presently only available for bloggers in the U.S. From there, users are able to pick what type of ad they'd like to display - simple text, an image, or a full banner - and post the ad to their page. If a follower of the blog clicks the ad and goes on to make a purchase, the owner of the blog can in turn make a commission.

google blogger ads

Finally, bloggers can be paid via their AdSense accounts, and Google states that bloggers don't have to run AdSense Ads to make money off of Google Affiliate Ads - which keeps ad content within blogs at least relevant to the writing.

Regarding Blogger, Google has also recently released two other gadgets to better integrate a Blogger account with Google+. The updates includes a Google+ badge for blog pages, as well as a simple "+1" button to add to posts, for readers to share.