Google Makes Some Refinements to AdSense Reporting


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Google has made some well-needed upgrades to their AdSense reporting feature that a lot of users have been asking for for awhile. Number one, they have brought back the "all time" button for your reports. If you have used the previous version of AdSense, you'll remember this feature which will bring up all earnings, impressions, and clicks accrued since your first impression.

Next, they've added a quick link to your ads under the "My Ads" tab. This way you won't have to search for ad units or channels in the reports you've already created. While viewing, just click "view report" below the line item and you'll be able to see all the performance data. This one is a real time saver especially if looking for channel data that has no link to ad units in the interface.

The next one has to do with downloading CSV's into the appropriate local format and can be a little complicated to explain, but it certainly will com in handy. Here's how Google explains it:

Just as the placement of commas and periods can change the meaning of sentences, the same is true when it comes to numbers and figures. As you may know, an amount written as $1,000.00 in the US or UK would be written as $1.000,00 in most of Europe and South America. Previously, only the $1,000.00 format was available for downloadable reports, which created difficulties for a number of international publishers trying to export CSVs to analyze the data. Now, based on your language preference, you can export CSVs with figures in the relevant format.

If your a fan of AdSense these upgrades should make using it a little more intuitive and save some time in the process. Comments about the changes and issues you'd like to see addressed can be posted on the AdSense + page.