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Giraffe Heart Defect Surgery Fails At Oklahoma Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo this week sadly announced that one of its young giraffes has died. The animal was undergoing heart surgery to repair a defect that veterinarians at the zoo believed to be a persistent right aortic arch (PRAA). Named Kyah, the giraffe was a six-month-old female giraffe that had been born at the Oklahoma City Zoo on September …

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Zoo Kills Lions in Copenhagen, Causes Outcry Over Twitter

The Copenhagen Zoo has killed four lions in preparation of the arrival of a new male lion after it failed to find them new homes. The lions, two cubs and their parents, were the same ones that fed on a giraffe they put down last month. NBC news reported the zoo received death threats over the public killing, skinning, and …

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Giraffe Kiss Goodbye With Zoo Keeper Goes Viral

A dying man’s wish to see the animals he loved and worked with one last time took an unexpected and touching turn, one that is melting hearts across the internet. The former maintenance worker is known to many at the zoo as simply Mario. For about 25 years, he faithful cleaned the giraffe enclosure at the Rotterdam Zoo in the …

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Giraffe Riddle has gone Viral on Facebook

Curious as to why all of your friends Facebook profiles are pictures of giraffes? It seems as though there is a new game, that I myself have fallen victim to, that has you answer a riddle correctly or change your profile picture to a giraffe for three days. Yes, my profile picture is currently a giraffe. Here is the post …

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Giraffes Are Apparently Really Scary [Video]

Giraffes are kind of cute, right? Sure, they’re big, but they always seemed really docile. Well, they apparently can get a little testy as one tour group found out. A tour group was filming their safari when they started to be chased by a giraffe. They would take sharp corners and the giraffe would still be running after them. The …

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Rare Giraffe Born at Connecticut Zoo [VIDEO]

The LEO Zoological Conservation Center (LEOZCC) in Greenwich, Connecticut, has announced the birth of a rare giraffe. A six-year-old Rothschild giraffe named Petal gave birth to a female calf on Friday, March 22. The center has stated that Petal “has bonded extremely well” with the calf and that the calf was standing and nursing within half an hour of being …

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