Giraffes Are Apparently Really Scary [Video]


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Giraffes are kind of cute, right? Sure, they're big, but they always seemed really docile. Well, they apparently can get a little testy as one tour group found out.

A tour group was filming their safari when they started to be chased by a giraffe. They would take sharp corners and the giraffe would still be running after them. The people in the jeep are visibly and audibly freaked out as the giraffe seems to not let up. It eventually gives up, but they learned never to mess with Toys"R"Us' corporate mascot.

Reddit user panty_hunter compared the above video to the famous T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park. If you need a little reminder, here it is:

After that, the flood gates opened as Giraffic Park jokes flooded in. All of it led to what is quite possibly one of the best gifs you'll ever see:


All of this clearly indicates that Giraffic Park must become a real thing in the near future. I'm sure Spielberg can fit it in while he's not producing the Halo TV series.