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Matt Cutts On Geo-location: Just Treat Googlebot Like Every Other User

In the latest Google Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts responds to a question about geo-location: Using geo-detection techniques is against Google, I am offering the useful information (price, USPs) to the users based on the geo-location. Will Google consider this as spam? i.e. showing X content to search engines and Y content to users. “Geo-location is not spam,” he says. …

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Google Latitude Continues to Hobble Along, Website Down

Two days after initial reports started appearing in a help forum that Google Latitude was performing about as well as a rocking horse at the Belmont Stakes, it appears that the service is still buggy for several users. The problem seems to be affecting both Android users and, for some, the desktop website. Basically, users have been unable to update …

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