Google Latitude Continues to Hobble Along, Website Down

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Two days after initial reports started appearing in a help forum that Google Latitude was performing about as well as a rocking horse at the Belmont Stakes, it appears that the service is still buggy for several users.

The problem seems to be affecting both Android users and, for some, the desktop website. Basically, users have been unable to update their location on Latitude, assuredly leaving many of their friends and family to work up the obvious conclusion: that they have tripped and fallen off the face of the Earth.

Yesterday, Googler Jade Wang offered up some advice on how to remedy the problem, but according to a few of you readers as well as commenters over at the Google help forum, that fix didn't actually fix Latitude much. Today, however, a second Googler, Daniel Mabasa, contributed to the forum. His post was less advice but more reconnaissance for details about users experiencing the Latitude bug.

Thanks for all the continued reports, the team is currently investigating the issues--we need a bit more information from you.

1. What is the make/model, service carrier, OS version of your device (if you haven't already provided it)?

2. Is the email account you're using for the forum the same as your latitude account? Only answer yes/no, do not post your email address.

3. Do we have permission to look at your account's Location History for debugging purposes? (This is strictly confidential and used solely for troubleshooting)

Thanks for working with us to help resolve the issue.


He later provided a follow-up post with the following suggestion:

A few more questions and steps for you:

The following steps have helped some users resolve the issue, make sure you've done the following before sending us a new report:
Update to Google Maps 6.8.1
Tap "Join Latitude"
Reboot your phone
Wait several minutes
Still not working? What are you seeing?

A. Are some or all friends missing?
B. Can your friends see you?
C. Is your location updated on the website?

His proposed fix still only addresses the Android problem and, even then, many subsequent replies to the suggestion have indicated that Latitude still isn't working for people. Beyond the mobile problem, several users (myself included) continue to have difficulty when using the desktop version of Latitude on a variety of browsers.

Actually, having just typed that, I decided to try Latitude out on my browsers just to be sure of its non-workingness but now it appears that Latitude has crapped out altogether.

Google Latitude Server Error

We'll keep you updated as we find out what's going on over at Google and, as always, feel free to let us know what your status is with Google Latitude in the comments section below. Especially let us know if Google's advice above helped you out.

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