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Super Bowl Ad: Cheerios Shows Interracial Couple
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Back in May of 2013, a Cheerios commercial involving an interracial married couple sparked a lot of controversy, and caused many racists to head to YouTube to express their anger. But despite the big hub-bub, the makers of Cheerios, General …

CheeriosTo Become GMO-Free, A Big Business Decision For General Mills CheeriosTo Become GMO-Free, A Big Business Decision For General Mills
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With all of the controversy surrounding GMOs and the way they are used in food, some companies are starting to take notice, and are altering their products as a result, which should be able to help their business. People all …

Bringing Targeted Content Together for Targeted Advertising
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Yahoo is showing off a new advertising campaign it’s running for General Mills. A spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebProNews it’s a "good example of how advertisers are turning to Yahoo for more than a typical search or display ad buy."

General Mills is targeting "boomers" with the campaign, which is themed around "vitality" and is a content-based program. It includes news content, as well as retirement, travel-related content, and games.

How Long Will Your Agency Relationship Last?

Research shows that half of the agency/client relationships out there last less than two years.

This is from a sample of about 140 companies with an annual marketing spend of at least $2 million, including Citibank, General Mills, IBM, GE, and ESPN.

After nearly 15 years in agencies, this percentage sounds about right. But where the research tries to determine why this is the case, I take issue with it.