Super Bowl Ad: Cheerios Shows Interracial Couple


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Back in May of 2013, a Cheerios commercial involving an interracial married couple sparked a lot of controversy, and caused many racists to head to YouTube to express their anger. But despite the big hub-bub, the makers of Cheerios, General Mills, said it was trying to show a realistic portrayal of a modern day American family, and the company said it didn't regret making the ad or standing behind it.

Now General Mills is making another statement with its latest ad, which features the same interracial couple and the adorable little girl, who's received a lot of attention since the original ad aired.

Part two of the commercial shows the dad character explaining that he and mom are going to have a new baby, and he uses individual cheerios to represent the number of people that will be in the family. "Hey Gracie, you know how our family has daddy and mommy," he says to his daughter. "Pretty soon, you're going to have a baby brother."

Gracie then uses the moment to do a little bit of negotiating, and tells her dad that she wants a puppy, which really surprises the mom character.

The cute ad already has over 1 million views and will be one of this year's Super Bowl commercials. After the original ad aired, Cheerios had to disable the YouTube comments due to racist feedback, but this time the comments section remained up, and it seems that most people like the commercial and have no problem with it what's so ever.

"When I heard about the 'controversial' advertisement, I went to watch it," one person wrote. "I can't see how any of these are considered bad. Mixed race couples are normal! I'm glad Cheerios has continued to use this family. It's awesome. Forget the haters."

And based on the general buzz the commercial is getting, it looks like most people would agree.

Image via YouTube