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Gene Simmons Apologizes For Depression Remarks

Gene Simmons doesn’t seem like the kind of person who cares if he offends someone with his comments. He did however, recently issue an apology for some comments he made about depression and suicide during an interview. Simmons was asked …

Gene Simmons Apologizes for Telling Addicts and The Depressed to Kill Themselves

Gene Simmons, bassist for the iconic rock group KISS, has issued two apologies for appalling comments made during a recent interview about drug addiction and depression. Simmons’ comments came in an interview with Songfacts when he was asked if he …

Gene Simmons: Fox News Fan; Republican?

Gene Simmons, The Demon, singer and bass player in KISS, is a shrewd businessman. His unique attitudes about marriage, rock and roll, and his band are the stuff of lore. But Simmons has been saying some things over the years …

Gene Simmons Guest Stars on ‘CSI’
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Gene Simmons is comfortable being on television. He stars in the A&E reality series Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, and has appeared as himself on hit shows like Castle and Ugly Betty. So it’s no surprise the KISS superstar is guesting …

Sophie Simmons Impresses “X Factor” Judges
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Being the daughter of infamous Kiss member Gene Simmons can’t be easy, especially when your life has been showcased on a reality show and your mother is Shannon Tweed. But Sophie Simmons decided she wanted to take the stage at …

Look At This Creepy Gene Simmons Bug
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You too can rock n’ roll all night and party ev-er-y day with this incredibly F-ed up Gene Simmons inspired classic VW. That is, if you live or can travel to Denver, Colorado. That’s where the the car is listed …

KISS Angry Birds? Gene Simmons Talks Destroying Pigs All Nite
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KISS is the type of band that means a lot to some people and next to nothing to others. It’s one of those things you either get or you don’t. A KISS fan (in his 40s) explained to me: “If …

Gene Simmons Hacker Arrested, Linked To Anonymous Gene Simmons Hacker Arrested, Linked To Anonymous

The FBI has arrested a hacker linked to Anonymous for a DDoS attack last year against Gene Simmons’ website. The 24-year-old Kevin George Poe was apprehended in Connecticut. He has reportedly been ordered to appear before a Los Angeles court …

iTunes Sings About 5 Billion Songs

Sometimes comments are made at inauspicious times. Just a day after KISS bassist Gene Simmons declared that the music industry is dead and fans had killed it, Apple announced iTunes reached the 5 billion song download mark.

That’s 5 billion legally purchased downloads. The company is also proud to announce along with that milestone, iTunes customers are renting or purchasing around 50,000 movies per day, making the virtual media store the most popular online movie destination.

Valleywag Goes Porno
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Valleywag’s never been one to pull punches, especially if the punch puts at risk the more prudish element of the audience. But they’ve never, as far I as know, gone full-on NSFW at the site itself. Celebrity sex tapes are all the rage on the Internet, but do a search on Valleywag and only one result comes back—one for Gene Simmons.

Valleywag Goes Porno

In a t-shirt, no pants.