KISS Angry Birds? Gene Simmons Talks Destroying Pigs All Nite

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KISS is the type of band that means a lot to some people and next to nothing to others. It's one of those things you either get or you don't. A KISS fan (in his 40s) explained to me: "If you grew up during that time, there was simply nothing better than KISS." I'm sure I'll eventually say the same thing about Stone Temple Pilots. But I digress.

For a guy who hasn't produced a ton of music in the past couple of decades, Gene Simmons has been able to stay in the sight of the pop culture radar. I mean, he is pretty iconic. Simmons has been a part of a few notable ad campaigns and starred in a pretty popular reality show.

Now, in an interview with Industry Gamers, he explains how he plans to tackle the word of mobile gaming. Apparently, a KISS Angry Birds game is at least being talked about.

Simmons talked to IG at the Sundance Film Festival, and one of the topics of conversation was gaming. He said that KISS and Angry Birds will be making a deal. He also talks KISS golf courses and Hello Kitty. Check out the whole quote below:

Well, we’re talking with Sony games now. We are really trying to take it in areas that haven’t been done before and have stayed out of the marketplace because the ideas simply weren’t exciting enough. So while the gaming world is waiting for the KISS games that are going to explode, we’re busy taking the brand to places where no band has gone before. So Hello Kitty is one of the biggest brands on planet Earth. Now there’s KISS Hello Kitty, which we’ve already launched in 90 countries.

We’re talking with Angry Birds, KISS and Angry Birds, which will become a deal. The KISS and the Archie world have now teamed up and the first issues of KISS Archie comic books hits the world this month. KISS golf courses are starting in Las Vegas right across from the Hard Rock. That opens in January. It’s just endless what we can do, but we only do things when it’s right. Just because there are games, and just because there’s this or that out there, unless the deal is right and unless the content is exciting to our fans, we don’t do it.

He also talked playing Angry Birds himself:

The Angry Birds people were up here and we sat down and we played Angry Birds. We blew some buildings apart, catapulted some of the birds, and then their eggs were stolen.

I can only hope that the game would involve flinging little Peter Criss heads at groupies, or something like that.

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