Stocking Stuffers Perfect For Geeks

Stocking Stuffers Perfect For Geeks

By Rachel Kolman December 15, 2013

It’s no secret that there are plenty of neat toys and gadgets on the internet for any self-proclaimed nerd or geek. The endless choices might seem overwhelming, but have no fear: these picks will help you find that perfect extra …

Scoble: Microsoft Is Run By Geeks
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Robert Scoble earned his fame through corporate blogging, not PR blogging, where messages are always sugared up, but through saying what he wanted about Microsoft while working at Microsoft. He’s on to other things now, but is still giving the Beast of Redmond the old what-for.

Adobe PR’s Nightmare

Last night when picking up burritos at Tres Amigos in Half Moon Bay with Patrick someone came up to me (sorry, didn’t get remember his name and even if I had, I’d keep it secret to protect the innocent) and asked “are you Robert Scoble?” He recognized me from my blog. Turns out he’s an engineer on Adobe’s Flex team. We small talked a bit.

TechMeme Isn’t Quite Google News

TechMeme really wants to be Google News, it seems. I see less and less blogs on TechMeme lately and more and more “professional news.”

Perfect Digg Bait

The other day I was browsing the Digg homepage and noticed something really weird. It seems Craigslist made the homepage for an article that was about "why geeks and nerds make the best boyfriends" and to top it off it did really well.

Another Geeks and Suits Rumble

It is a truth held to be self-evident among IT professionals: geeks are from Krypton, suits are from Uranus. The antipathy between members of the code is poetry tribe and the non-IT managers for whom they often work is so common and all-prevailing that it has even become a marketing cliche-like the obnoxious propeller head in the CDW commercials who is always one-upping the guys from the Dilbert cubicles.

The Suits vs. the Geeks

I’m sitting with a bunch of suits right now. It’s the Savvis Web 2.0 conference. Almost all men. A large percentage of whom are older than me.

Google Pitching Jobs To SciFi Geeks

When the World Science Fiction Convention, best known as WorldCon, starts up in Anaheim today, some Googlers will be in attendance. One would think Google’s presence at a well-known international conference would be enough to justify sending this writer out to Anaheim to cover the event.

BlogHer: Geeks Nirvana

Patrick Scoble, as quoted on Maryam’s blog:

Even Ballmer cant get into Gnomedex

It’s sold out. So is BlogHer. So is BloggerCon. Hmm, something is happening here.

The Gulf Between Geeks and Advertisers

In addition to my suprising lunch with the food company execs, I found another thing that was very different: that advertising folks dress and talk very differently from geeks.

Online Dating Not Just For Geeks Anymore

Ten years ago, people sniggered when a peer said they had a date with someone they met online. The stigma seems to be lessening in American society and online dating is becoming just as viable an option as the supermarket or singles bar for making love connections. That said, most still the other one’s lying about something.

Digg.com: Land of the Geeks

Digg.com is a geek paradise. The top story this morning asked “Remember Dungeons and Dragons 80’s cartoon?” I thought, “no. No I don’t.” But it’s been “dugg” over a thousand times. Somebody remembers. In fact, it’s a collection of somebodies, the same somebodies who helped populate the top 100 Digg.com stories of 2005. The results are fascinating—and telling.

Blogher Dates Announced

I see the BlogHer conference dates are announced (July 28 and 29 in San Jose).

MSN Search Geeks On Channel 9

I just posted a frank talk with two of the geeks who are building MSN Search. It’s an hour long, and you’ll get a little look into how the geeks who build search engines think.

Wheres Das Any Key?

Self-proclaimed “uber geek” Daniel Guermeur, chief executive of Austin-based Metadot Corp. just made a stunning contribution to the future of yard sale “seemed like a good idea at the time” merchandise. Das Keyboard, the fruit of Guermeur’s geekdom, is based upon the “legendary” IBM Model M, with one key difference-the keys are black, and, um, blank.

Google Geeks Beat Microsoft – Poetic Justice?

This is pretty funny. Out at LinuxWorld the Google Geeks went up against the Microsoft Voles in a battle of geek wits.