Comic-Con Displays Spare No Expense

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The true geek convention is kicking off quite nicely in San Diego, California, and there's a bunch of images rolling out, showing the various displays at the Comic-Con floor. There are a lot of big deals this year as such praised titles like The Walking Dead, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, and Twilight to name a few are featured. In fact, the Twilight exhibition has already been receiving some publicity.

Of course, if you camping out to see sparkly dudes that call themselves vampires, then coverage is inevitable. Digressions aside, over at SlashFilm, there's an awesome collection of these exhibitions, and while it's not comprehensive -- that would be a lot of pictures -- there are some awesome displays going on, particularly from Lego:

Boba Fett Lego

Sponge Bob Lego

Batman Lego

Like Chris Crum mentioned, you have to wonder just how long it took to make those awesome Lego displays. Undoubtedly, Lego commissioned teams to build them -- or at least, one would think -- but still, that's some tedious work right there.

Make sure you check out SlashFilm's post for more images, including shots of the Spider-Man display and nifty bigger-than-life-sized He-Man. While Lego did indeed pull out the big guns for their various displays, from the looks of things -- at least, at this early point in the 2011 Comic-Con -- the display for the AMC television hit, The Walking Dead looks absolutely incredible:

Walking Dead, Comic-Con

Walking Dead, Comic-Con

Walking Dead, Comic-Con

That last image is just a friendly reminder, for those who are wondering. As you can see, Comic-Con is truly a geek's heaven, and rightfully so. Another reason to love these conventions are the various costumes you'll see, like the following:

A hat-tip to Sandra Hughes for the find

Comic-Con Costumes
Hat-tip to Coyotegrey

And that, friends, is what makes these kinds of conventions what they are. Is it for everybody? Doubtful, but if you have the spirit and the patience to wade through scads of geeks, then you'll definitely enjoy yourself.

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