Stocking Stuffers Perfect For Geeks

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It's no secret that there are plenty of neat toys and gadgets on the internet for any self-proclaimed nerd or geek. The endless choices might seem overwhelming, but have no fear: these picks will help you find that perfect extra gift for the nerd in your life.

To start with basics: there's nothing more necessary than a USB drive. Tiger Direct has a 32 GB drive that is waterproof and shock resistant. And at 3.0 flash speed, it's four times faster than traditional 2.0 flash drives - allowing you to watch videos right from the drive, instead of copying them over first. Plus, it's encased in an aircraft grad aluminum housing that proves it's resistant to almost anything.

Need something lighthearted to grab out of that fuzzy red stocking? Try this "I found this humerus" magnet for when you need a little humor on Christmas morning. Because really, there's no better gift for the holidays than a really good pun. (Plus even after shipping, it sells for about five bucks.)

Need something for a more grown-up geek? The official HBO store has Game of Thrones shot glasses, one featuring the Karstarks sigil and another featuring the bear sigil of House Mormont. (Feeling geeky yet?) The shot glasses are perfect stocking-stuffer size and, for $7, are easy on the wallet.

Still thinking booze? This R2-D2 bottle opener is a great nerdy addition. As ThinkGeek puts it, "there is no bottle too dangerous for him." This sturdy, solid medal opener even has magnets on the back so R2 can hang out on your fridge and be there right when you need him.

Need more ideas? Here are a few more options for stocking stuffers - plus, they're all under $10.

Found a great geek gift that's left off the list? Leave us a comment!

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