Google Drive Spotted In The Wild With 5GB Free Storage

Google Drive Spotted In The Wild With 5GB Free Storage

By Josh Wolford March 30, 2012

Google Drive, often rumored to be called GDrive, is Google’s long-awaited cloud storage service that’s been “just about ready to launch” for years now. In February, all of the Google Drive talk was renewed with a rumor that the launch …

Official Description Of GDrive Discovered

While there’s still no telling when – or even if – GDrive will be released, there’s fresh evidence that the product exists in some form of development.  It looks like Google may be close to presenting GDrive to the public, too, as the evidence amounts to an official product description.

Google GDrive A Smidge Closer To Launch

Google’s online storage service will enter a competitive field of similar offerings from Microsoft, whenever it enters the field, that is.

Google, IBM Create University “Cloud”

Google and IBM have partnered to give some of the world’s best young minds access to hundreds of linked computers.  What’s more, the companies aren’t doing this out of direct self-interest, and have teamed up with six universities.

Don’t Hold Your Breath For GDrive
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From purely a connotative language standpoint, "indexing the world’s information" sounds less ominous than the goal of caching "100% of user data." Even so, the long-rumored GDrive may never surface to store all of it.

Microsoft Live Drive Enters Beta

Everyone’s keeping an ear to the ground for news concerning the mythical Gdrive, and unfortunately, I have no information on that front.  But a similarly named offering from Microsoft – Live Drive – may soon launch.

GDrive Spotted Again

The inadvertently revealed storage service from Google known as GDrive has been leaked online, under the code name “Platypus.”

Fresh Evidence Of GDrive

“I want to believe” has long been the motto of X-Files fans and Google followers everywhere. From GBuy (real, and now called Google Checkout) to a line of Google energy drinks (not real), the latter set of individuals will latch onto any word of future products.

Google Drive Steers Theories
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A section of text in a Google PowerPoint presentation described the concept of storing 100 percent of a user’s data; what started as a one-off observation made by a blogger rocketed all the way to a lengthy mention in the Wall Street Journal.

Google GDrive Is Coming

To paraphrase a movie line, “INFINITE COSMIC STORAGE! Itty bitty living space.” This is what the kids at Google see in the future. On Friday, Google sponsored their Analyst Day and they offered some new analysis on this very topic.