Google Drive Spotted In The Wild With 5GB Free Storage

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Google Drive, often rumored to be called GDrive, is Google's long-awaited cloud storage service that's been "just about ready to launch" for years now. In February, all of the Google Drive talk was renewed with a rumor that the launch was imminent. Soon after that report, screenshots allegedly showing the interface of the service popped up on the interwebs. Those screenshots showed a service that looked a lot like the current version of Google Docs.

And earlier this week, a new, more specific report emerged that said Google would be unveiling Google Drive in the first week of April. Those reports confirmed that the service looked quite similar to Google Docs, and that it would feature 1GB of free storage space, with users having to pay for anything beyond that. We noted that this was only half of what a service like Dropbox offered users for free.

Now we have another leak, courtesy of Talk Android. This time, it's a screencap of what appears to be a landing page for the service. The first thing you'll notice: it says that users are getting 5GB of free space from the start - with the option to upgrade at any time.

There's a big blue "Download Google Drive" button, which means that previous reports were correct and there will be a desktop app to go along with the cloud service. Here's what the rest of the fine print says:

All your files - everywhere
Put files in Google Drive and you can access them on your desktop, mobiel phone or tablet, and

Always up to date
Make changes to a file in one place and it automatically updates everywhere

So it looks like it'll be Google Drive after all (if this is accurate). Talk Android says the it's on track for release the week of April 16th, a little later that the report from this week said.

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