Google Drive Launching In April [REPORT]

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According to Om Malik at GigaOm's sources, we should see the long-awaited Google cloud storage service, Google Drive, next month.

He says that "sources familiar with the company's plans" have marked the first week of April as the release period. Google Drive (or possibly GDrive) has been rumored for over half a decade, but has yet to materialize while services like Dropbox and Apple's iCloud have flourished. A Google cloud storage service wouldn't be anything revolutionary, it's just surprising to many that it hasn't happened yet.

The most recent big rumor of GDrive came courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. They said that Google would "soon" be launching the Drive service in order to compete with the aforementioned services, and that it would work like you would expect: users upload files to it and are then able to grab them from any internet-enabled device.

In February, Google Drive was reportedly spotted in the wild. One Google users snapped a screenshot of what they said was the Drive service, having noticed that there was a "Drive" button suddenly present in their Google black bar. We commented that if legit, it sure looked a lot like the current version of Google Docs. Malik's sources confirm that "the web interface will look much like the Google Docs interface." They say that GDrive will also come with a local client.

How much storage is on the way, you might ask? Apparently only 1 Gb for free, which is a little less than other established cloud storage services. Any more that that, you're going to have to pay for it say the sources. It also might be launching with a third-party API already built, meaning that other apps could use GDrive to store data.

What do you think? Are you excited about the possibility of cloud storage from Google? Do you think it's necessary with all the other options? Let us know in the comments.

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