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Jessica Chambers: Anonymous Goes After Gang Money; Gas Station Employee Cleared

When someone set Jessica Chambers on fire in Panola County, Mississippi, they couldn’t have known how much would get scorched before it was all over. A country cries out for justice for the teen who was burning alive when paramedics found her, but died later before identifying her attacker. In the days since the brutal murder of Jessica Chambers hit …

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Mexico Prison Stormed By Gunmen, Nine Dead

An exchange of gunfire occurred on Friday at a prison in Guerrero, Mexico. Six men disguised as police officers commuted to the facility in a stolen pickup truck and pretended to transport an inmate. Once inside the doors of the prison, they started confrontation with some of the guards and inmates. Four inmates and five assailants were killed in the …

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Gang Members Arrested; Feds Seize Cash, Drugs and Weapons

There are 263 less gang members on the street today. Federal agents arrested many violent offenders and seized cash, weapons and drugs. “Among those charged are 158 members and associates of MS-13, with 105 others allegedly belonging to other gangs. Authorities arrested 84 non-gang members wanted on criminal charges and 14 people on immigration violations as part of the same …

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13 Officers Indicted In Prison Drug Gang Scheme

13 female state prison guards have been indicted on charges of federal racketeering after it was discovered that they were all aiding prisoners in drug trafficking and money laundering in Baltimore. The guards used their position of power to help members of the Black Guerilla Family smuggle in contraband such as pills and cell phones, which they hid in their …

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6-Month-Old Shot, Dies in Suspected Gang Shooting

A six-month-old girl who was shot in a Chicago neighborhood on Monday has now died. The Chicago Fox station is reporting that Jonylah Watkins was shot five times as her father, Jonathan, changed her diaper in the front seat of a minivan. Jonathan was also shot, but is expected to recover from his wounds. The shooting took place in Chicago’s …

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