Zaevion Dobson: 15-Year-Old Dies Shielding Three Young Girls from Gunfire

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Zaevion Dobson was a 15-year-old football player at Fulton High School in Knoxville, Tennessee who covered three girls with his body during a random shooting believed to involve rival gangs on Thursday night. He died saving their lives.

Rob Black was Zaevion Dobson's football coach. He said the teen was a team leader, and that he led by example.

"He's a sophomore only and already successful, already leading a life that's contagious that people follow," he said. "So very liked by his peers and his teachers and his teammates."

Zaevion Dobson died in one of three reported shootings in Knoxville on Thursday night. Three men seemed to be shooting randomly as they drove through the streets. One of those men, Brandon Perry, was shot and killed by police. The two other men are in police custody.

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero spoke of Zaevion Dobson following the tragedy.

"[Dobson] was really one of our success stories, you know--good family, involved in sports, was a mentee in one of organizations in town, but still he falls victim to this," she said.

Franklin Graham, the son of the Reverend Billy Graham, took to social media requesting prayer for Zaevion Dobson's family.

Graham also called Dobson a "hero."

How sad that yet another child has died from a senseless act of gun violence.

How can citizens ensure that no more kids die the Zaevion Dobson lost his life?

Kimberly Ripley
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