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Husky No No: Video Of Dog Refusing Kennel Trip

Have you ever looked at your pet and wished that they could tell you how they feel? Well this stubborn Husky named Blaze is not afraid to tell his owner just what he thinks. In a hilarious viral video, we see a man informing Blaze that it’s “time to go in the kennel”. Blaze is having none of it. He …

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Pajamas Christmas Video With Rapping Dad Goes Viral

You’ve probably heard at least one person at the water cooler mention this hilarious Christmas video they saw on Youtube featuring a suburban family rapping about their pajamas. Excuse me, Christmas Jammies. What are Christmas Jammies and who has them? Well according to the video, the Holderness Family. Each member has a pair of pajamas featuring red and green striped …

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LinkedIn Parodies Commercials in its D10 Interview

Kara Swisher’s interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman detailed LinkedIn’s very stable roadmap for building its social network while also making it profitable for investors. There were no surprises or big LinkedIn announcements, but the heads of LinkedIn did bring a parody video that shows the social network for professional networking actually has a pretty …

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Grandma Takes a Lightsaber to Dubstep [VIDEO]

With the EA’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO on hold today due to a patch-related mix-up, you may be hard-up for your Star Wars fix. You’ll be happy, then, to see this video portraying one older woman’s lightsaber skills: It seems granny doesn’t appreciate dubstep. And, though her technique is odd and her stance is unconventional, that woman has …

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