LinkedIn Parodies Commercials in its D10 Interview

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Kara Swisher's interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner and LinkedIn Chairman Reid Hoffman detailed LinkedIn's very stable roadmap for building its social network while also making it profitable for investors. There were no surprises or big LinkedIn announcements, but the heads of LinkedIn did bring a parody video that shows the social network for professional networking actually has a pretty good sense of humor. In the video, television commercials for products such as cars and medications are parodied, while the most inane focus group ever imagined grades the ads. Oh, Weiner and Hoffman also make an appearance turning down an overzealous brand marketing executive. There's a lot going on, but the dry humor contrasting the ridiculous parodies makes the whole thing worth watching.

Perhaps Weiner could give Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg some tips on keeping things light and funny. Zuckerberg is going to need a good sense of humor if he hopes to take all of the current criticism of his company's recent IPO, much of it personal, in stride. It's too late for Zuckerberg to ask Weiner for advice on how to successfully launch an IPO the way LinkedIn did, but perhaps some advice about how to double revenue over the course of a year and greatly impress analysts could still be helpful.

The D10 conference is a yearly conference organized by The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital website. The conference features interviews with influential media and technology figures. D10 tries to differentiate itself from other tech conferences by eschewing scripted presentations and marketing pitches.

(via All Things D)