Pajamas Christmas Video With Rapping Dad Goes Viral


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You've probably heard at least one person at the water cooler mention this hilarious Christmas video they saw on Youtube featuring a suburban family rapping about their pajamas.

Excuse me, Christmas Jammies.

What are Christmas Jammies and who has them? Well according to the video, the Holderness Family. Each member has a pair of pajamas featuring red and green striped bottoms and a red top with their name on them. You know, so no one is confused as to which pair of Jammies belongs to which person.

The family's video Christmas card features "Dad" Holderness rapping to the tune of Will Smith's "Miami" (in case you were wondering why that tune may have sounded familiar) and the family dancing in front of their house and new car. Which as the father points out, goes perfectly with their Christmas Jammies. Apparently the neighbors don't think too much of this rapping and dancing family as one woman makes a face and asks, "Are those Christmas Jammies?" Some people just don't like fun.

The video features the things like the dad proudly reflecting on his children's numerous achievements. His daughter Lola ran a kid's triathlon and not only earned a medal, but "looked like she was having fun." I've seen adults at the end of those things, and many look like they want to drop dead right then and there. So kudos to you, Lola! Besides being athletic, Lola is also able to count to 100 in Chinese and sing. Lola and her brother, Penn, do sing a little in the video and it's really cute.

The most fun aspect of this video is that this family knows they look ridiculous and so do the pajamas. Which is why they note, "no one will dance with us". While they will get a hashtag from the hipsters uptown, it's clear that the video was never about being taken seriously.

They are just a family that clearly loves each other and has fun and enjoys being together. Even when wearing goofy Christmas-themed pajamas. Perhaps that is why the video is so popular: It already has close to seven and a half million views despite only being up for about a week!

Image via VisitTheGreenRoom