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Analyzing “Chinese Food”, The New Hit Internet Song

What are the two best things in the world? Fridays and Chinese food, right? Well, Patrice Wilson, the man who wrote Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is back at it again with another hit internet song, this time, about Chinese food. The song is titled “Chinese Food” and is sung by Alison Gold, who is much like Rebecca Black, except with blonde …

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It’s Thanksgiving: Your Holiday-Themed Masterpiece from the Guy That Brought You Rebecca Black

Well, I thought this might be the new “Friday,” but it didn’t become as popular as I imagined it would. Now, on Friday, we have another candidate to be the next worst song ever. Where Rebecca Black sang her way through a typical Friday, getting dressed, having cereal, picking which seat to take in the car – Nicole Westbrook takes …

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“Friday” Producer Gets “Happy” With Official Sequel To Rebecca Black “Hit”

Well, at least Patrice Wilson has a sense of humor about the whole “Friday” cultural brainfart. The only problem is that his sense of humor has led him to record another terrible song. Oh well, it’s Friday – which means that by Saturday morning you’ll be H-A-P-P-Y. Or something like that. You remember Patrice Wilson, right? He’s the guy who …

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