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Franklin Graham Mad About ‘Activist Judges’ Allowing Gay Marriage in His State

It’s been over a week since the Supreme Court denied appeals from several states that would have stalled same-sex marriage in those places. In many of those states, amendments to the state constitutions had rendered same-sex marriage illegal. But those …

Billy Graham’s Health Declining, Son Requests Prayer
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“We value your prayers — in fact, we depend on them.” Billy Graham, the American Christian Evangelist, celebrated his 95th birthday in Asheville, N.C. last month but, according to his son, Franklin Graham, his health “has declined quite a bit …

Second Coming of Christ Aided By…Social Media? Second Coming of Christ Aided By…Social Media?
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It’s Friday, which as you know allows for a certain latitude to talk about things that might be off the beaten path or might be a little weird or strange.  Previously, Friday gave us the chance to discuss Rebecca Black’s …