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Trust and Authority in Google’s Algorithm

If you’ve ever been to search engine conference and attended a site review session chances are you’ve heard panelists mention duplicate content penalties and filters.

For “normal” people these problems are real, however with Google a double standard exists for trusted authority websites.


Case and point the SERP for [Green Real Estate] screen shot below:

Nonprofits Outpacing Businesses on Social Media

Charities are often more savvy than businesses when it comes to using social media – especially blogging. The Center for Marketing Research looked at the top 200 largest US charities as defined by Forbes Magazine. They found that seventy-five percent of the charities are using some form of social media.

The Facebook Feeding Frenzy

More Investor Cash for Facebook…

Yesterday we learned that Microsoft bought 1.6% of Facebook for $240 Million. Today there is another large investment – it’s been rumored that Facebook got an additional $500 million from two New York hedge funds.

EU Scares Google Into DoubleClick Concessions

Satisfying competition authorities in Europe will force Google to adopt a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to some of DoubleClick’s operations.

Penalties of Spamming Wikipedia
Spam Wikipedia, and you will end up in one of the most dreaded places in the World Wide Web. Imagine a place where your site appears in the ‘Spammer Blacklist’ and Yahoo! And Google give you the cold shoulder.

Early Google Backer Sells Huge Amount Of Stock

This is not something to be alarmed about; it was both prearranged and preapproved.  It’s still an interesting bit of news, though: Ram Shriram, one of Google’s founding board members, recently sold 100,000 shares of stock.

Yahoo Considers Options For Kelkoo

Yahoo said yesterday that it is weighing "strategic options" for its online shopping comparison site Kelkoo that is based in Paris.

Yahoo Moving On Up The Stock Charts
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Yahoo’s stock lay down like an overheated hound at the end of the dog days of August. Don’t look now, but they are bouncing back.

Another Analyst Becomes A Yahoo

Lehman Brothers analyst Doug Anmuth gives Yahoo its second straight day of major Wall Street love for the Internet company’s stock.

Forbes Could Acquire Clipmarks

Forbes may soon acquire Clipmarks, a social bookmarking site.  According to one of Clipmarks’s co-founders, the deal hasn’t yet gone through, but it looks as if the two companies are getting pretty cozy.

Fake Steve Outed As Forbes’ Daniel Lyons

Remember Daniel Lyons, the guy who lambasted the blogosphere in a notorious October 2005 hit piece for Forbes? He’s been revealed as the voice of the Fake Steve Jobs blog.

SEO Spawns Reputation Management Firms

SEO services have been around a while now, but it seems the industry has gone to a new level. It’s not just about getting noticed, it’s about getting noticed right, and companies are offering guarantees that will happen in the search results.

French Channel May Join YouTube Europe

I think pretty much everyone is aware of Britain’s BBC, but France Televisions, a public national television broadcaster, may not be as well-known in America.  Now France Televisions is in talks to join the European version of YouTube, though, so perhaps its profile will rise.

Google Seeks Friendship; Newspapers Curse

Google said it wants to be “best friends” with traditional newspapers.  A newspaper executive replied (with more humor than anger), “I don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.”  That exchange should give you an idea of what took place during a panel discussion at the Newspaper Association of America’s convention in New York.

Google Seeks Friendship; Newspapers Curse
Google Seeks Friendship; Newspapers Curse
Google Seeks Friendship; Newspapers Curse

Forbes Finds SEO Red Light District
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SEO is a difficult topic for anybody new to the game. It’s proved especially difficult for Forbes, where an article about "Google Hell" had the experts shaking their heads. Not to rag too much on Forbes, the article did present an opportunity for clarification about Google’s supplemental index.

SCO Desperately Seeking Pamela Jones

Faced with what many believe is the imminent demise of their lawsuit against IBM over Linux code, SCO Group may be pursuing a ‘scorched earth’ strategy where they can drag the true identity of Groklaw’s Pamela Jones into public knowledge.

Analysts Expect Blowout GOOG Earnings

In advance of the earnings call, any bets on how high GOOG can go today on Wall Street? Analysts have high hopes, so to speak, as tipsters come rolling in with unbelievable numbers for Q4 2006.

Google China VP Poised To Jump Ship

Only last week, the president of Yahoo China resigned. Now Johnny Chou, the vice president of Google China, is making a similar move. Chou has arranged to leave the company on December 31st.

Google’s Not Stopping Click Arbitrage

Who would have though click arbitrage would be a topic worth of being covered by Forbes?

The Grinch That Taxed Christmas

If you are an avid online holiday shopper, enjoy making some purchases tax-free while you still can.

Google Seals Deal With Byte Computer

Google has just reached an agreement with Byte Computer that will have the Greek company distributing Google’s products in, um, Greece. Byte’s website is a little bare, but the company claims to have “outstanding credentials in providing innovative and cost-effective e-business solutions.”

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