Adam Sandler Tops List Of Most Overpaid Actors


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Adam Sandler has been named the most-overpaid actor in the list that was released by Forbes magazine. He continues to pull in big paychecks as if he were making big hits such as Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison still, despite the fact his past few films have been complete flops.

Hollywood continues to pay its biggest stars millions of dollars per film, with Sandler being one of them. However, as his films continue to do poorly, fans have to wonder if it is worth it for the studios to pay him the huge upfront paychecks, since it is such a hard task to determine whether a film is going to be a success or not.

While big names that have been popular often gain big money at the box office, that is clearly not the case all the time as Adam Sandler and other big name stars made some less than stellar films over the past year. The list is made up by examining the last three movies each actor starred in over the three years to June 1st.

In order to compile a list of the 10 highest paid actors, Forbes had a formula in which they looked at pay, movie budgets and expenses, and calculated a return on investment number for each star, and then averaged those numbers to get an overall return.

While it is being criticized as one of the worst films of the year and tops Time Magazine's top 10 worst movies of 2013, Grown Ups 2 was actually Adam Sandler's recent success at the box office. However, That's My Boy and Jack And Jill did wonders to hurt his box office numbers, causing him to return an average of $3.40 on his last three movies.

Closely following Adam Sandler in second place is actress Katherine Heigl, who started off with a very successful career, but her films that have come out recently have not been much to marvel at. She burst onto the Hollywood scene as the queen of romantic comedy, starring in 27 Dresses and Knocked Up, but with films such as Killers and One For The Money, she has not had much success since her earlier films. In fact, for every dollar she earned, she returned an average of $3.50.

Reese Witherspoon comes in third on the list averaging a $3.90 return on every dollar that she makes. Following Witherspoon in fifth place is an actor that Adam Sandler has worked with on multiple occasions, and is appearing on the list for the first time. Kevin James fell to a return of $6.10 this year, mostly due to his awful looking film, Here Comes The Boom, which deterred many people, and only grossed $73 million at the worldwide box office.

As the most overpaid actor, Adam Sandler is in a bit of an awkward position. While he enjoys making a lot of money, it can't feel good to be known as the guy who makes more than everyone else when he doesn't deserve it.

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