Sofia Vergara:Top Paid While News Obsesses On Weight

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Life is full of ups and downs. This includes finances, weight and things that are just as important that the public eye probably does not care about.

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is feeling the highs and lows of stardom these days--Forbes has recently named her the highest paid television actor while some are worried about her apparently hitting the gym and cutting back on her diet.

The 41-year-old Colombian actress, who is usually praised for proudly displaying her voluptuousness, has experienced a recent surge in attention from the news. In between the usual tweets from adoring fans are website links writing about her weight and giving quizzes asking the world "Is Sofia too Skinny?"

In the articles, there are "quotes" of twitter users in an outrage about Sofia's weight-loss, but there seems to be more news articles talking about Sofia Vergara's weight than actual twitter users. Either all of the tweeters have deleted their posts for some reason, or they never existed-- none of them have showed up in twitter's search engine. The only tweets that do show up about her weight:

are dated from May and August 2013.

Vergara has experienced backlash earlier this year for apparently losing her "latin curves" in a Diet Pepsi ad but she assured fans that although she was skinny as a younger girl, that it was just the wardrobe in the ad that made her look so slim.

After posting up recent Thanksgiving pictures and a poster for her new upcoming series Killer Women, Vergara does look a bit slimmer, but the tweets have been full of marriage proposals and "te amoooooo"s per usual.

Due to fishy evidence, I say the verdict is still out on if "fans are in an outrage about Sofia Vergara being too skinny." As Sofia Vergara continues to gain a wider lead on that number one Forbes' list spot, the only fret truly should be is if doctors have any concern about her weight.

[image: twitter]

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