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PageRank, Stephen Hawking & Pizza

Today’s video round-up features some PageRank eduction from Matt Cutts, NMA’s take on the Ndamukong Suh situation, Stephen Hawking dicussing YouTube Space Lab, and much more. View more daily video round-ups here. Matt Cutts talks PageRank split possibilities: NMA does Ndamukong Suh: Stephen Hawking welcomes you to YouTube Space Lab: New Domino’s Pizza iPad app: Little Printer: Hello Little Printer, …

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Google Candy Bars From Cadbury

On its UK Google+ page, candy maker Cadbury shared a photo of a couple of custom candy bars it created in honor of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Why? Why not? Cadbury says, “Remember our 1kg Dairy Milk+ Bars? We’ve had some special personalised ones made, including these delicious ones for Google founders Larry & Sergey. Whose name …

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Thanksgiving, Sports & Weight Loss

Today is Thanksgiving, so naturally, there is a slight Thanksgiving theme to today’s edition of the daily infographic round-up. We’re counting football and the need to lose weight in that category. View more daily infographic round-ups here. Chow looks at what to bring to Thanksgiving: Coyle media looks at sports and smartphones: Sports Marketing from Coyle Media, LLC. Bankrate looks …

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Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips: Your Online Guide

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, a time when friends and families get together for food, fun, and football. A time to celebrate things like charity and camaraderie. It’s also a time for seemingly unending stress – oftentimes due to the massive undertaking of giant holiday meals. Thing have gotten easier over the past decade, with the …

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Labor Day Food & Drink, Twitter Style

Labor Day is Monday, and on that day many will be getting together to enjoy food, drink and the waning days of summer. A celebration of the America worker, Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 in New York City. By 1885, municipal ordinances were passed declaring the day an official celebration. By 1887, Oregon had become the first state …

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Man Brings Cooking School to Google+

Attention foodies – there’s a new cooking show on Google+. Lee Allison, who is a technology consultant by trade, had the great idea of utilizing the Google Hangouts feature on the platform to host a cooking show. The show is called Google+ Cooking School and has already included delicious-looking dishes like Hand-rolled Portobello Ravioli, Citrus Salmon with Mango Chutney and Oriental Green Beans, and Savory Crepes.

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Anthony Bourdain Rips Paula Deen In Hilarious Fashion On Twitter

Ah, the food wars. It’s no secret that No Reservation‘s Anthony Bourdain doesn’t exactly love what the Food Network has to offer. If you’ve ever watched his show (one of the best on TV), you would have gathered that from the frequent jabs at celebrity chefs Sandra Lee, Paula Deen and Rachael Ray. His Travel Channel show is not the …

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Memorial Day Food & Drink: The Twitter Guide

While Memorial Day is a time for reverence, to honor those who have given their lives to military service for our great country, it is also a huge weekend for food and drink. Countless burgers will be grilled, steaks will be marinated and beers will be consumed as we celebrate not only the military but all loved ones who have …

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Living Social Offers Dollar Lunches in Washington D.C.

LivingSocial has a slew of dollar lunch deals today for people in Washington D.C. Beleive it or not, they’re selling out like hotcakes. The deals are incredibly popular, as you can imagine. The company is also living up to the “social” in its name. The Twitter reaction has been astounding. @CacieFacieAcacia Waller#dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday #dollarlunchday 53 …

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Rachael Ray Comes to eHow

Demand Media has partnered with another celebrity in what would seem to be an effort to bring more credibility to its content. The company recently partnered with Tyra Banks in the fashion category, and now it’s Rachael Ray for the food category. 

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Google Gets Cooking With Recipe View

Google has introduced a new way to help people better find recipes with a new feature called Recipe View.

Recipe View allows users to narrow their search results to show only recipes, and it displays ratings, ingredients and pictures on the search results page.

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The BBC Introduces Food App In Chrome Store

The BBC said today it has launched its first ever custom food app in Google’s Chrome Web Store.

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Facebook App Makes Ordering Food Social

Exit41, a provider of social ordering apps for restaurants, has introduced a Facebook application that allows people to place food orders from a restaurant’s Facebook page and share and “Like” their favorite menu items.

Read More Launches Social Trivia Game On Facebook

Food website, operated jointly by Hearst Magazines Digital and MSN, have launched a social trivia game on Facebook called the Delish Challenge.

The Delish Challenge features more than 1,000 food-related questions that tests users knowledge as they work their way up the restaurant ladder from busser to executive chef.  Along the way users gather virtual goods, which can be traded with friends, including sushi knives, wine glasses and spicy chilies, Trivia topics include desserts, healthy cooking, comfort food and regional cuisines.

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Yahoo Whips Up Clever Food Finder

It must be rare for a person to crave a certain restaurant ("ooh, those straight-backed chairs would hit the spot right now"); instead, most hankerings relate to food.  Yahoo seems to have introduced a very helpful feature, then, as it’s started allowing users to search for exact menu items instead of eateries.

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Twitter Earns Itself a Candy Heart Phrase

You know those candy hearts everybody has around Valentine’s Day with the little sayings on them? Showing just how much of a stronghold Twitter actually has on pop culture, this year, one such saying that will appear on these candies is "Tweet me."

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