Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac Font Is Likely Going to Change

Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac Font Is Likely Going to Change

By Josh Wolford May 20, 2015

Are all the Apple users ready for a font change? Everyone loves a font change! Love it or not, a new look might be coming to your iOS and Mac OS devices. 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman quotes the ubiquitous sources with …

How Google Handles Font Replacement How Google Handles Font Replacement

Google’s Matt Cutts put up a new Webmaster Help video, discussing how Google handles font replacement. The video was created in response to a user-submitted question: How does Google view font replacement (ie. Cufan, SIFR, FLIR)? Are some methods better …

Google Goes Font Crazy, Adds 450 To Google Docs Google Goes Font Crazy, Adds 450 To Google Docs

Tired of Arial, Times New Roman and Courier? Google wants to spruce up your documents with 450 new fonts. “Often the best way to get your point across is to present your idea in a creative, captivating way,” they say …

The Comic Sans Project Promises To Defend Everyone’s Favorite Font The Comic Sans Project Promises To Defend Everyone’s Favorite Font
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One time, during a fairly boring lecture in one of my unremarkable college courses, something amazing happened. My professor put up the title page from a student’s essay and began mercilessly berating said student for one simply failure. They used …

Blogger Drops New Fonts

With a move that can only be described as “sheer brazenness,” Google’s weblog service, Blogger.com, has introduced a feature that may just be the tipping point between order and chaos in society: the introduction of 35 additional fonts to their blog service.

Perhaps “unleashing” captures the moment better than the word “introduction.”

Google Adds Web Font Support to Google Docs

Google announced today that Google Docs now supports web fonts using the Google Font API. To start off, there are six new fonts available.

Google Launches New Preview Feature for Font Directory

Google has launched a new feature for its font directory that lets users preview fonts and generates code to use them. The font directory contains fonts that are part of Google’s font API.

Gmail Gives Users New Default Text Styling Feature

Google has introduced a new Gmail Labs feature, which gives Gmail users control over the default style of their text. In other words, you can set how you like your text to appear normally, and it will automatically appear that way.

Google Tweaks AdSense Fonts for Better Performance

Google is updating the default font faces associated with specific AdSense ad formats. The decision to do so is based on findings that different fonts perform better with different formats.

News Article Design: 20 Tips For Good Web Copy
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Clean is better. Eye-tracking studies say so. Web copy should be bulleted, concise, easy. Photos should be informative, not decorative. White space is good. And guys like looking at George Brett’s protective cup.

You weren’t expecting that last part were you?

I wasn’t either. But this post on effective news article design proves it.

Newspapers have had trouble transitioning from print to the Web. They’re used to doing things differently.

Font Accessibility

Just as it’s important to choose the right colors for your design, it’s also very important to make good choices about the fonts you use in your design.

Writing So Searchers Can Find You

When writing so people can find you better on search engines, keep it simple. Use short words, not complicated ones. Precise words are even better. But most importantly, use words people know.

The Essentials of Font Philosophy
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I’m prejudiced against certain fonts. Like others, I’m a product of my environment; I was raised to believe that fonts with tails were superior to fonts without. Serifs (the little tails) have personality (even chutzpa!) that draws the reader in, satisfying his need for connectivity and deeper comprehension. No tails, no soul.

Font Tips For Print

The fonts used in a publication affect not only its appearance, but also its commercial printing cost.

CSS in Flash: the Return of Crisp and Legible Fonts

A typical challenge faced by Flash developers like me is getting fonts to look like you want them to.

Browser Safe Fonts

Fonts make a big difference to the look and experience of the website. Usage of fonts requires sense of aesthetics and discretion. We have the liberty to use any font we want in an image but when we specify the fonts for the text on a web page, we need to ensure that we use only “browser safe” fonts.

Platform Problems with Fonts and Text

In a previous article, I mentioned that it’s important to know how your pages will appear to surfers, so that you have more control over your image. You should choose a sensible font that most surfers will have installed on their system, and include at least one other similar font as a back-up alternative in your font tags or style sheet.