Blogger Drops New Fonts


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With a move that can only be described as “sheer brazenness,” Google’s weblog service,, has introduced a feature that may just be the tipping point between order and chaos in society: the introduction of 35 additional fonts to their blog service.

Perhaps “unleashing” captures the moment better than the word “introduction.”

Facetiousness aside, these additional fonts obviously give users multiple options; and in a cyberworld overrun with Verdana and Arial text, a little variety goes a long way...

Just ask Dan Gilbert.

Besides the number of fonts introduced, Blogger boasts all of the new styles are web-safe, going as far to call them “Web Fonts.”  With the 35 new fonts, Blogger’s total is now up to 77, all of which are listed here

Incidentally, Comic Sans is not one of the available fonts, so the next time Dan Gilbert wants to write a fiery dismissive of LeBron James (image H/t), he should probably look into Blogger’s service.


The new fonts are available for all Blogger users, and the text alterations can be applied to an  entire blog.  Members are encouraged to experiment in the composition WYSIWYG before applying any blog-wide changes.